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One thought on “HELLO WORLD!

  1. peter bloomer

    Interesting piece on the West Midlands super major! I’ve been following the similar process for a greater Manchester Mayor and its the same picture. Although there is a campaign against the regional Mayor in that area.
    A crucial aspect of this is the de-centralisation of control of the insufficient nhs and social care budgets. The NHS budget is to be put under regional sections under the auspices of the regional mayor. This is a clever way of redistributing blame for NHS underfunding to local / regional bodies, many of whom will be under Labour Party control.
    Of course this is another step towards the dismantling of the NHS, allowing foundation trust status to local hospitals (or groups of NHS services) and putting funding decisions under committees of GP’s are other resent measures to distance the crisis of the under funding and privitisation of the NHS from government responsibility.
    The whole restructure should be opposed but there is such a tension in local government that the opportunity to administer big NHS budgets is too much of an opportunity for Labour Party grandees to turn down. The council budgets are being cut drastically, but hey, you can have a piece of the NHS money to control!
    On a smaller scale the sheer waste of money to create the Police commissioners is another example of how totally unpopular measures are being introduced with no democratic mandate.
    The appearance of decentralisation and local democracy is being used as a smokescreen to break up the NHS. There is no way that Labour should be agreeing to this.

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