Statement in support of our junior doctors.

Support the junior doctors!

Defend our NHS!

Momentum South Birmingham stand shoulder to shoulder with the junior doctors in their dispute with Jeremy Hunt and the Tory government. They are striking not just to defend their terms and conditions, but also for patient safety and the very idea of the NHS itself.

If you’ve spent any time in a hospital in Birmingham you know how hard our junior doctors work. Long hours, many more than they are paid for, are the norm. They go the extra mile for their patients and they do it because they care about you. The contract that the government is planning to impose will force them to work unsafe hours, putting you at risk, and drive many of them out of the profession altogether. Of course they are striking reluctantly but they have been pushed into drastic action.

The Tories’ handling of the NHS over the last 6 years has been disastrous. Under-investment, their wholesale “reform” (code for privatization and opening up the service to corporations to line their pockets at the taxpayer’s expense, none of which they have any democratic mandate for) and the obsession with the ideology of competition and the internal market have led to a massive drop in staff morale, inevitably leading to the standard of care beginning to suffer.

The government should accept the junior doctors perfectly reasonable proposals. We are for an NHS free of the divisive and wasteful internal market.  All the privatizations and contracting-out over the last couple of decades should be reversed. The NHS should be restored as a publicly owned, publicly controlled and democratically accountable health service.  The NHS is not an opportunity for corporations to line their pockets at our expense. It is there to provide world-class healthcare free at the point of use for us all.

We speak for the majority of the British people when we say that all public services should be publicly owned, democratically controlled and properly funded by taxing those who have the greatest ability to contribute to the common good and ending the national scandal of personal and corporate tax avoidance.

The only way to do this is to elect a Labour government in 2020 that is committed to pursuing democratic and socialist policies; the policies that Jeremy Corbyn stood for when he was elected leader of the Labour Party last year. Momentum South Birmingham will be working towards that goal and we hope you will join us. There is a democratic socialist alternative to Tory free-market dogma.


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