Why I have voted for Sam Poulson

Since Sam got involved in Momentum during the last Labour leadership election he has been an exemplary member of our branch, South Birmingham. He participates in every group activity he possibly can, exercises good judgement and has a great knack of getting to the heart of any issue that comes our way. He has quickly assumed a leading role and within a short time of joining was chairing an all – Birmingham meeting and getting elected to the old West Midlands Regional Committee. He was deservedly elected to the old National Committee by his peers in the WMRC. As a branch South Birmingham Momentum has decided to officially endorse his candidacy.

unnamed (2).jpg

The left needs more activists of his calibre and therefore he has my vote for NCG elections, alongside Martin Menear, Liz Hames and Cecile Wright. He will be an intelligent, independently-minded and thoughtful member of our organisation’s leading body.

Please consider giving him and his fellow slate members your vote too.  


James Cunningham, Convenor, Momentum South Birmingham (personal capacity)




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