Here’s to Strong Women. May we know them, be them, raise them…

On International Women’s Day 2018 we asked some members and supporters of South Birmingham Momentum which women had inspired them….

Alison Gove-Humphries

Edith Cavell a British nurse during the First World War. – I passed her statue on the way back from the NHS rally in London on Saturday and the quote on her statue seemed very relevant to today.

“Someday, somehow, I am going to do something useful, something for people. They are most of them,so helpless, so hurt and so unhappy”



Nicky Brennan
I have always been very inspired by my daughter Eevie. I’d always been a mouse before I had her and becoming her mom made me realise I had to become a lion. Nothing matters more than her getting a fair shot at life. 
She also taught me that being your own person, no matter how wild and raw that is, is a completely beautiful thing which should be celebrated. 

Chris Kuriata
Malala Yousafzai is my inspiration woman and plus she lives in Birmingham now. This is one of my favourite quotes of hers: 
‘One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.’

Jodie McLoughlin

I nominate Maya Angelou – unless she’s already been nominated. As a poet, writer, actress and abuse survivor she managed to stay humble (she didn’t let bitterness consume her) and is an inspiration for women from all oppressed backgrounds. Still I rise is an exceptional poem (my favourite actually) as I find it very identifiable (as a disabled working class woman it speaks to me).


Sue Payne

The woman that inspired me is my mother. When my father died very young she had to raise my sister and I by herself. She was creative and practical in ways she earned money to look after us especially  as she left school at 14 to care for her mother, so had no education qualifications.

She was always there for me and my sister no matter what and  was a brilliant role model in terms of being a strong and independent woman with  a positive ‘can do’ mentality.

If there is a woman you feel inspired by this International Women’s Day please add your entry to the comments below. 


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