Statement from the officers of Momentum South Birmingham on the general election

The officers of Momentum South Birmingham note the decision by Prime Minister Theresa May to call a general election on the 8th June.

It is transparently opportunistic, and while it would be fruitless speculating on the exact reasons why, it is clearly being done for party political reasons. After all, it was not so long ago that she was insisting that there would be no early election.

The Labour Party faces a huge challenge if it is to overcome the huge gap in the polls and be in a position to form a government on June 9th.

It will require a monumental effort by our members (i.e. the people who the Birmingham Labour Party has made a recent habit of treating appallingly), the hammering home of the excellent policies outlined by Jeremy and his team in recent weeks, and crucially, party unity. All members, regardless of what ‘wing’ of the party they are on, need to get behind our leadership and their programme for government.

With that in mind we call on all officers, officials and elected representatives both locally and nationally to cease, immediately, the attacks on our party’s elected leadership and focus on the job in hand.

Too often we have seen a total lack of respect being shown to Jeremy and the left of the party by our elected officers in Birmingham. They have behaved in a way that the left would never be allowed to.

They seem happy to disregard the views of the majority of members, who have twice voted for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader in 12 months. It is doubly frustrating when none of these people have a better strategy to bring to the table in any case.

This situation, which has not changed at all since the second leadership election, despite the claims to the contrary, has done our party huge damage and made the Tory government’s job far easier than it should have been.

Our enemy is the Conservative Party and their hateful agenda. They should be the primary focus of our efforts. We can expect Lynton Crosby et al to plumb new depths in the climate created by Brexit and we need to be fighting that (not each other) tooth and nail and outlining a socialist alternative to austerity and ‘Hard Brexit’.

There will an opportunity after the election to debate where we go from here, regardless of the result. In the meantime we all need to get behind our leader.

In addition, in the light of the seriousness of this election, we call on the local Green Party and any non-Labour left organisations to withdraw any candidates they are planning on standing in Birmingham. They have no chance of winning and the only possible effect of their efforts would be to decrease the chances of Labour candidates being elected.

In solidarity



8 thoughts on “Statement from the officers of Momentum South Birmingham on the general election

  1. Peter b

    Given the statement of Left unity to fully support the Labour Party in the general elections and that they are not standing, should we not include them in mobilising for labour vote? Can we ask them to send Rep to our meeting 30th April? We need to maximise our numbers and rally the left in the unions, LP, students and in general.


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