MSB Newsletter 15/05/2017


Welcome to the latest Momentum South Birmingham newsletter – your unmissable weekly digest of all the interesting things going on politically in our area and beyond.

General election campaigning is in full swing and many activists were out in Edgbaston on Saturday. This weekend the focus switches back to Northfield for what will hopefully a big #SuperSaturday on the 20th.

In preparation, we have organised a training event on Wednesday with a speaker from the Bernie Sanders campaign (more details below) which should be very interesting and excellent preparation for Saturday – and to top it off Jeremy Corbyn is in the city that day too (again more details below)!

Time is running out to register to vote – if you have friends and relatives who aren’t registered yet then please nag them! More details about the work we are doing on it… guessed it….below.


**Voter registration drive**

  • Don’t lose your vote: If you’re not already registered to vote, register now. It takes just 2 minutes, and all you need is your national insurance number. Remember, if you’re a UK resident from the Republic of Ireland or a Commonwealth countryyou’re eligible to vote. If you’re not sure where you’ll be on 8th June, make sure you register for a postal vote. Just fill out this form and post or email it to your Electoral Registration Office. It must reach them by 5pm on 23rd May, so make sure to send it a week before.
  • Get everyone you know to register: If every single one of us gets five people to register, we’ll win this election. Do your bit, make sure your friends and family are all registered to vote by 22nd May.
  • Momentum activists in Birmingham are helping with voter registration initiatives – if you want to help please drop us a line at and we’ll pass on your details to the people co-ordinating it. We’ll be targeting young people in particular and potentially leafleting outside colleges.


Training event with Bernie Sanders Campaign – 17th May, 7pm

Local Labour Parties and dedicated activists across the country are going to be working night and day to organise locally and be the back bone of the election campaign.

Momentum’s role in this general election is to support these local organisers, mobilise our activists to go out and support Labour Party activities and ensure our activists are as confident and effective on the door as possible.

We want to do this as strategically as possible focusing on key marginals across the country and working to protect key candidates.

One of the ways we intend to do this is through training. We do not want to detract in any way from people door knocking and other campaign activities but lots of people want support in feeling more confident and prepared for the doorstep. We also have lots of people joining door-knocking sessions who have never campaigned with the Labour Party before. Momentum can ensure that these people stay motivated and are as confident and effective as possible.

With that in mind we are going to be joined by a guest speaker from the Bernie Sanders campaign on Wednesday the 17th May, from 7pm in the rear function room of the Highbury Pub, Dads Lane, Stirchley, B13 8PQ (apologies for the venue not being in the city centre but it is free and big!) This will be a useful event for people both new to or experienced in campaigning so please join us – and it will be a great springboard to what promises to be a big #SuperSaturday in Northfield on the 20th! You can RSVP here. It’s the usual rules with our meetings, Momentum members and supporters only.


Homelessness charity gig, 19th May

Attached to this newsletter email is a flyer advertising a gig on the 19th in support of Project Birmingham. The Project, also known as South Birmingham Young Homeless Project, is a quality assured advice centre specialising in Homeless Prevention, Welfare Benefits and Debt, our aim is to prevent homelessness and improve the lives of vulnerable people, they do this by offering free impartial advice and support. It’s at the Royal British Legion in Kings Heath and kicks off at 8pm. Cost is £5.


#SuperSaturday in Northfield: 20th April

Following a swift name change that yours truly isn’t entirely happy with, our next #SuperSaturday will be in Northfield this weekend.

Continuing to move the focus around the constituency, most of the activity will be based in Kings Norton – with a proposed street stall on the village green and a couple of door-knocking sessions at 10.30am and 2pm. St Nicolas Place, 81 The Green, Kings Norton, B38 8RU as the meeting point for all of these. The CLP will ensure that somebody is about from 10am to 3pm.

The main focus for the day will be on deliveries – this week they are taking receipt of a constituency-wide newsletter as well as sorting out a direct mail to all postal voters, and they would like to get as much of this out as possible over the weekend. The address above will be the base for this.

This is something that people can do as and when they are available throughout the day – so if you are going along to the Corbyn/McDonnell rally in the morning, then you can come over to collect a delivery in the afternoon. They will make sure that these come complete with a clear map and instructions for those not familiar with the area.

If you have any more questions feel free to drop the secretary of Northfield CLP, Joe Green, a line: See you Saturday!


Jeremy Corbyn in Birmingham – 20th May.

Jeremy will be speaking at a big pre-election rally on Saturday the 20th (typical how everything falls the same day!) at the ICC. If you want to register click here – we’ve heard that it’s full up so it’s entirely up to you whether you try your luck and come on the day……

Women’s March against Trumpism: 20th May

On Saturday May 20th the anti-choice fraternity is organising its own UK version of ‘March For Life’ in Birmingham with the slogan ‘life from conception – no exception’. Abortion Rights is joining up with women’s groups as part of the Women’s March Against Trumpism to call its own demonstration against the misogyny and sexism that Trump galvanised in his election campaign that is creeping over here. More details here – the 20th is going to be a very busy day politically in Birmingham!

Momentum women’s evening of action: 23rd May

Our women’s group are organising an evening of action on the 23rd May. More details will follow on our social media and in the next edition of the newsletter (the 22nd) but if you need more information now drop a line.

Birmingham Barks For Labour -29th May

Do you have a photogenic pooch? Know a Labour labrador, a Jeremy Corbyn-loving Jack Russell, a socialist spaniel, a democratic dachshund or just like campaigning with canines? They’ll be a video/photoshoot for social media at 12 noon on Bank Holiday Monday 29 at Highbury Park with professional videographer Tim Mobbs. Do let us know at if you want to be put in touch with the organisers!

General election, June 8th.

We are all rather electioned-out I suspect but sadly we are going to have to go again as this one is very, very important. We have 5 weeks to close a 20 point gap in the polls (recent developments show a positive trend, pleasingly), defend what we have already in Birmingham (9 of the 10 seats) and we’ll also be campaigning alongside a new candidate in Edgbaston, Councillor Preet Gill of Sandwell, following Gisela Stuart’s decision not to stand again. There are some pictures of Preet at the first constituency stall since her selection here and there are plenty on our Twitter feed too (@MomentumSBham).

MSB are under no illusions, this is going to be the fight of our lives and we have a few weeks to change a lot of minds. Many of the sitting Labour MPs are not particularly to our liking, to put it mildly, and we should have been given a chance to vote for our candidates, but we are where we are.

There will be plenty of information about campaigning on our social media and also, hopefully, on the Birmingham Labour Party website. We’ll try and keep everything as up-to-date as we can and this newsletter will serve as a snapshot of everything coming up that we know of. The individual CLP sections are below and we’ll be keeping a spreadsheet with everything we know about here.

The officers of MSB have produced a statement that can be read here and if you want to get involved in campaigning please drop us a line at

Momentum nationally have also produced lots of information that can be read here.

Birmingham Labour will also be running a semi-permanent phonebank at one of their offices at the city centre – for more details and to book a session please click here to find them. You can pick the constituency you wish to focus on when you go.




Hall Green constituency dates for your diary

  • Keep an eye out for delivery dates from the CLP very soon!
  • Voter ID and phonebanking session: 17th May 18:30-20:00, 66 St Agnes Road, Moseley, and every Wednesday before the election.
  • Many Hall Green CLP activists will be helping out in Northfield on Saturday the 20th.

Selly Oak constituency dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 16th May Doorknocking :
  • 00 Brandwood: Meet at the junction of Brockworth Road and Northleach Avenue, B14
  • 00 Selly Oak: Meet at the junction of Warwards Lane and St Stephens Road, B29
  • Tuesday 16th May Phone Bank: 18.00 to 20.00 At 204 Alcester Road South, B14 6DE

Northfield constituency dates for your diary

Contact for more information

  • Tue 16th May, 6pm – door-knocking in Kings Norton, meeting at the corner of Walkers Heath Road & Lazy Hill (B38 0AW).
  • Wed 17th May, 6pm – door-knocking in Weoley Castle, meeting at the corner of Weoley Castle Road & Jervoise Road (B29 5QT).
  • Thu 18th May, 6pm – door-knocking in Frankley, meeting at the corner of Ormond Road & Shapinsay Drive (B45 0HN).
  • Fri 19th May, 6pm – door-knocking in Rubery, meeting at the corner of Cock Hill Lane & Sandstone Avenue (B45 9YF).
  • Saturday the 20th: #SuperSaturday – more details above!


Fundraising survey

Our fundraising co-ordinator, Nicky, has drawn up a quick survey for members and supporters to fill in to canvass our views on what we want. If you have a spare couple of minutes please fill it in here.


MSB statement on the July 2015 ‘freeze date’ decision

The Birmingham Board of the Labour Party, in their infinite wisdom, decided to retain the July 2015 freeze date for members to participate in the selection of candidates for the 2018 local election elections. We have published a statement that you can read here and rest assured it will not be the end of the matter. Momentum seeks to get Labour members elected to public office. Labour will only succeed in doing that if it engages with its new members and gives them a say. The decision is a monumental act of folly.

‘Regional’ Momentum co-ordination

Cecile Wright, one of our elected NGC reps for the large ‘region’ that Birmingham and the West Midlands sits in, would like to keep in touch about how she can best open communication with us to better represent us on the Momentum Council. She wants people to feel free to get in touch with her and her email is As things develop further post-conference we’ll keep you informed.

School cuts

The NUT have set up a school cuts website providing information on what is going on and the likely effects. You can email your MP through the website, it only takes a minute. Please click here. Since the New Year a number of parents groups have sprung up across the country to fight for more funding for our schools. It is an important development that parents have started to organise because Governments cross parents at their peril. Please visit their website.

KONP Birmingham

KONPB do a huge amount of brilliant work but are always in need of more help. For those who are interested in supporting and/or joining KONP and contributing to campaigns their contact details are

Meetings are 1st Wednesday of every month (except August), so people can drop in any time at The Wellington, 37 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, B2 5SN. Currently they have campaigns on the STPs in Brum/Solihull and Black Country. the Midland Metropolitan Hospital (PFI/2) and they are looking to do some more work on the mental health arrangements for young people 0-25 years in Birmingham – currently ‘red risk’.

Please get involved in and support KONPB in any way you can.

South Birmingham Momentum T-Shirts

Not before time in our view, wear it with pride: MSB t-shirts are going to be ordered: £10 red with South Birmingham Momentum on it. If you would like one email

MSB social media classes

Nicky Brennan, one of our social media managers, has started running classes if you are uninitiated in Facebook and Twitter etc. and want to learn more about how to make best use of them – they are crucial part of modern political campaigning and you are never too old to learn something new! If you’re interested get in touch with Nicky:

Ward and CLP meetings

If you want the group to publicise upcoming local Labour Party activities and branch and CLP meetings to encourage attendance, please let us know either by emailing me direct or the group account below; our wonderful social media managers Kate, Lucy, Nicky and Sam will do the rest!


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