Holiday Hunger Fundraising Campaign

Ladywood Community Project

Over the summer months Momentum South Birmingham members have been organising collections to support the Ladywood Community Project. Here are some words by Gerardine Giblin the project’s coordinator:

“The project is situated in the community centre in the heart of a social housing estate. We have a garden, a cooker, a washing machine and a tumble dryer and these are regularly used by families.

We listen to parents and try to pick up on the things that they struggle with

The biggest disadvantage facing our children and their families today is poverty  For working families and those on benefits these are still difficult times and we know that the number of children living in poverty in this ward is 5078(45.2%) some 24% higher than the rest of the country. Therefore many of our initiatives are designed to ease the burden of low income and the consequences that poverty brings.

 84% of children in Ladywood receive free school meals during term time and during the long summer break families face increasing costs through using more food, gas and electricity, as well as the costs of updating school uniforms, stationery, books etc

 For the past three years we have operated a holiday hunger scheme. We work in partnership with Birmingham Central Foodbank to give 100 families a food hamper. We ask businesses to ask their staff to contribute food items towards this. We have had contributions from about 12 different agencies including banks, solicitors, universities and this year we have also asked for cash contributions so that we can put money on gas/electricity cards and keys.

The food hampers should feed a family for 3 days and we have put £20 on fuel cards for each family.

Families are referred from Support and social work teams, debt and money advisors and the local credit union as well as the families we engage with.

We also operate other low/no cost activities and this year we have raised money to take 72 residents to the seaside.”

If anyone wishes to get involved with fundraising or volunteer to help us please contact Gerardine Giblin on 0121 455 5070 or email me at


Certificate of appreciation HH2017



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